Please note that any current litters will all be spoken for, as per my waiting list and the waiting time for new joiners to my list is around 6 months.

Spring 2024


Russian Blue (& Rex)

• Esprit Clem (RB Dumbo doe) x Esprit Leif (Black Dumbo Rex buck)
> 22/03/2024 - 4 babies born
Buck 1: Russian Blue Dumbo Rex
Buck 2: Russian Silver Dumbo 

Doe 1: Russian Blue Dumbo Rex 
Doe 2: Russian Blue Dumbo

Russian Blue (Outcross)

• Halcyon Louise (Black doe) x Esprit Olle (RB Rex buck)

• Halcyon Thelma (Black doe) x Esprit Olle (RB Rex buck)


• Gemini Bonnie (Copper doe) x Gemini Harrison (RBA buck)

• Gemini Lacy (Copper doe) x Gemini Harrison (RBA buck)