Frequently Asked Questions 

♦️ How much are your rats?

  • There is a homing fee of £25 per rat - This fee does not alter, regardless of variety, coat colour, dumbo etc. We appreciate this might feel like a lot to ask per rat, but this is simply to reflect the ever increasing rise in the cost of food products, bedding and other necessary variables in order to run our ratteries sufficiently and ethically.

♦️ How many rats should I get?

  • A pair at the minimum, if they will be joining an existing group - but a trio is encouraged, especially if they are going to live as one individual group. We do not home single rats. It is imperative that baby rats have same-age company, for the purpose of their mental wellbeing and social development.

♦️ How does the allocation process work?

  • Your accepted homing application secures your place on the waiting list. When a litter reaches 6/7 weeks we will start to make solid decisions on any keepers. We only ever breed for line continuation & enhancement, never solely for pet creation. Surplus babies that we don't need for future breeding are then allocated to the waiting list. The person at the top of the list is allocated rats based on which rats we feel will live well together and how they will suit the requirements & circumstances of their new homes.

♦️ Can I breed from your rats?

  • No, absolutely not. Our rats are homed on a PET ONLY basis. Although we understand that we have no control over what happens to them after they leave us, there has to be an understanding between us, as their breeder and you as their new owner/s that they are not to be used for breeding.

♦️ Will you have XYZ variety available immediately/next week/in month?

  • There is no way we can guarantee specific babies to be available at any particular time. It really depends on what our breeding plans are, based on the requirements of our lines, which also depends on the ages of the rats at that moment in time. We don’t ‘breed to order’, nor do we breed simply to satisfy the waiting list.