Homing Process


  • Please do your research first. Rats are not cheap, nor 'easy' pets. They require a lot of understanding, a specific diet, a lot of space and plenty of enrichment.

  • If you wish to be considered to join the waiting list for future litters, please make sure you have read the pages Are Rats Right For Me? and Basic Rat Care Guide before completing the homing application form.

  • Not all of our rats will be available to the waiting list as some will stay to continue our lines. We are working towards variety standards so will assess our rats suitability for breeding/exhibition and for pet homes as the weeks go on.

  • Our ratteries are closed!! This means we do not allow ‘viewings’. This is to protect ourselves & our rats. We will post plenty of photos & videos of our litters on our social media page and we are happy to send updates of your rats once we have allocated them to you.   

  • Rats will not leave us until we feel they are ready to. This is no earlier than 8 weeks. If we feel that any rat is smaller or less developed than they should be, we will continue to hold the rat (including their allocated friends) until we are happy with their progress. We will, of course, inform you if this affects any rats that we may have already allocated to you.

  • Collection of your rats will take place from the age of 8 weeks, unless otherwise stated.

  • If your rats are not collected on the date and time that has been arranged, without sufficient notice or you do not respond to any messages, we will take that as you are no longer wanting the rats and will work down the waiting list to allocate a new home. We will try to make contact twice by your chosen contact method (selected when completing an application form).

  • The wellbeing of our rats is very important to us and it will be our decision as to who we home them to. This may include asking you a series of questions further to your answers on the application form, or asking you to elaborate on specific answers, in order for us to feel comfortable with you as a potential pet home.

  • The process of choosing the perfect pair or trio for a potential home is a careful one. We consider various factors such as temperament, compatibility with their companion rat/s and how well we feel they will fit into their potential new family. Once we have chosen our keepers and allocated any rats going to other breeders, we make the final decision based on what we believe will be the best match for any particular pet homes.

  • Once the rats leave our care, YOU as the new owner are responsible for their wellbeing, including covering the costs of any veterinary fees.

  • If you are no longer able to care for your rats that we have bred, please message us. We operate a 'no questions asked' policy and we will either take the rats back or help to find them a new, suitable home.

  • It is beneficial to both us as the breeders and to you, as potential owners, to answer any questions we may ask as honestly as possible. We are not trying to test you, and questions are not set to ’catch you out’. It is important that we understand your level of knowledge of rat care, husbandry and ethics so that we can quickly identify if there are any areas that we can help you with.


The National Fancy Rat Society maintains a list of its members' ratteries and studs as a convenience for the public but does not endorse any rattery or stud, whether registered or not, and accepts no responsibility for any rats bred by us, nor any other breeder.