Breeding Aims

Aiming to produce rats of show quality, focusing on enhancing the variety standard & conformation (type) whilst maintaining good health & temperament; in accordance with the NFRS variety guidelines as follows:

  • Russian Blue (top ear, dumbo & rex)
    NFRS Standard
    Colour to be similar to blue cats and dogs. A soft medium grey-blue with a metallic sheen. Faint, light speckling or a subtle ticked effect (heathering) is usual for this variety and is not a fault. Colour to be even, belly colour to match top. Undercolour dark blue down to skin. Coat to be short and thick- a long coat or a coat similar to that on other varieties (excluding rex) to be a serious fault. Eyes black.

  • Copper (top ear & dumbo) 
    NFRS Provisional Standard
    -To be a light copper colour with a soft metallic sheen delicately ticked with lilac, base coat light grey, feet and belly creamy silver. Russian coat. Eyes dark ruby to black.
    Faults; brassy or grey tone, velvet coat.

  • Striped Roan (top ear only) 
    NFRS Standard
    -A strikingly marked bi-colour variety with roan colouration, symmetry and contrast being important impressions. Clearly distinct from existing marked varieties.
    Pattern: The striped Roan shall have as symmetrical markings as possible. The chest, belly, sides and all the legs to be completely white.
    Head: A wide inverted V shaped blaze including the whisker bed, coming as close to the eyes as possible without touching the eyes, and coming to a point between the ears. Jaw line and underside of the head must be white. Eye colour to conform to the standard for the base colour.
    Body: From the head, the colour runs back covering the ears and continues along the body with no suggestion of a hood, in an unbroken horizontal stripe, symmetrical and as straight as possible. The stripe to be approximately 5cm wide. Demarcation shall be as clear cut and even as possible.
    Tail: Unmarked preferred.
    Faults: White spots in coloured fur/coloured spots in white fur. Brindled demarcation line, demarcation line too low. Lack of white on face or a completely white face. Stripe too narrow or broken, any suggestions of a hood.
    Genetics: Due to unproven recessive gene not on the H locus. Amount of colour controlled by modifiers. Hooded may be present.