Are rats right for me?


Rats make brilliant pets. They are highly intelligent animals who exude charisma and charm, with the ability to think, understand and learn things very quickly. 

As with all animals, rats have particular care requirements that you should carefully consider before deciding that they are the right pet choice for you. 

It's essential to make an informed decision that aligns with both your needs and the needs of the rats.

  • Research - Have you done enough research to understand the specific requirements in caring for rats?

  • Veterinary costs - Have you considered the costs involved for veterinary assistance should an unexpected situation arise that requires medical intervention? Including out of hours fees?

  • Lifespan -  A rat lives for approximately 2-2½ years. Are you prepared to keep animals with fairy short lifespans? 

  • Time - Rats are very sociable and appreciate time with their humans. Do you have time to spend with them?

  • Long-term plan - If you are planning on keeping rats long-term, you need to have a plan in place for adding more rats to your mischief in order to create a rolling group. Rats should never be housed alone, so if you don't intend on getting more rats, you should also have a plan for rehoming your final rat when that time comes. 

  • Other pets - Rats are prey animals and can become very stressed when faced with predator species. Inter-species interactions are never ok - Are you able to keep your other pets safely separated from your rats? 

  • Responsibility - As much as children love having pets and enjoy the interactive style of rats, some children can (and often do) become bored or lose interest after a while. Are you prepared to take on the responsibility of caring for the rats if such situation occurs?